As a constantly evolving industry, IT offers an exciting future. You can study from a diverse range of fields to open up opportunities in just about any industry, and contribute to the way we live, socialise, communicate and entertain ourselves.


No other career pushes the boundaries of innovation more than IT. By the time you read this sentence, technology will have developed. Moved on. Our aim is to move as quickly as possible with these changes. And to have you in the front seat while we do so.




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Take a look around. IT is everywhere. And every day, it changes the world. By studying IT at IDS Digital College – you can help drive that daily transformation and make your own impact. 

At IDS Digital College (formerly STMIK Bidakara), we offer two undergraduate courses – Information Systems and Information Technology. Both offer access to the same teaching expertise, the same hands-on learning, and the same employer-recognised courses. But the type that suits you best will depend on what areas you’re interested and where you want your studies to take you.

Information Technology

A  degree in Information Technology provides you with the contemporary knowledge, skills and experience required for a successful career as an IT professional capable of managing information technology, digital proficiency and technological transformations in all sectors of the community.

In addition to acquiring a core set of IT skills that are relevant in almost every industry, this diverse degree provides you with the opportunity to choose from a wide range of IT specialisations according to your interests and career aspirations.

Information Systems

Information systems (IS) refers to the business side of technology. It looks at the way businesses structure their information architecture and the ways people and organisations use technology to improve their processes and workflows. This course gives you the skills to analyse data, existing information systems, plan new systems and find solutions to common IS management issues.

Information systems teaches you to use technology to effectively capture and use digital information in a business environment. An information systems professional focuses on applying technology and strategic decision-making to the managing of vast quantities of business' information. In this course you'll focus on developing and applying information technology solutions to real-life business problems. You'll learn how to perform business analytics, develop business intelligence tool and the ability to critically analyse an organisation's information needs so that you can decide on the best information management approach.

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IDS Digital College works closely with our industry partners on providing real-world solutions through collaborations in areas of research & development, talent development and the licensing of intellectual property - with our students at the heart of all that we do. 


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